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Fair City's Ciara takes on LA after her horror film goes down a storm at festival

Former Fair City actress Ciara Rose Burke is planning her move to LA after her new horror film premiered at the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival, the Diary can reveal.

The Corduff native plays the lead role in psychological thriller Invoked which was shot on location in Sligo.

"We filmed it over a week in Sligo. So for a feature length film, it was super hard to get it done in a week but we did it," she said.

"Everyone worked so hard to get it finished, we were just so grateful to get the funding and the opportunity."


Ciara got her first taste of Hollywood glamour when she attended the festival with the Brazilian production company, Redline Films who produced the movie.

"The film wasn't up for any awards but it premiered in the hopes of getting a US distributor," Ciara revealed.

"The opening ceremony was incredible, and there was a lot of press and good opportunities for publicity to talk about Invoked and the Irish film industry.

"It was so surreal to see your movie up on billboards in Hollywood especially when we did it ourselves. It was amazing," she gushed.

Although Ciara got quite a fright on the night of her premiere when two people suffered panic attacks during the movie.

"It actually scared the life out of somebody and we had to call an ambulance," she said.

"I felt so bad, but I was talking to the guy after and he was alright. He said it had never happened to him before.

"I was shocked because it's not a gory movie with lots of blood or anything, it's more a creepy thriller," she added.

Her networking in LA led to some new opportunities, including an acting role in a TV series, and she's planning on moving over to Tinseltown in early 2015.

"I got a few offers while I was in LA so I'm planning to move over there next year to take them up," she said.

"There's a few things in the pipeline and Redline Films who produced the movie are planning on opening an office in LA so hopefully that will create some more opportunities.

"At the moment I'm saving and doing all the paperwork to get the visa which is the tough part," she added.