Thursday 23 January 2020

Fair City star Tony lifts lid on TV couple's fiery partnership

Fair City stars Clelia Murphy and Tony Tormey (aka Niamh and Paul) love working together
Fair City stars Clelia Murphy and Tony Tormey (aka Niamh and Paul) love working together

They're the on/off couple whose romance has kept Fair City viewers intrigued for years.

Tony Tormey, who plays Paul in the popular soap, has said that he and Niamh, actress Clelia Murphy, "are like two magnets" when it comes to their amazing chemistry together.

Lifting the lid on their relationship, he said: "Niamh really is the one; she's the one that he wants to grow old with. I think Paul really means it.

"When they get back together, it's all fun and games but there's a danger of old habits returning. Paul always remembers that Wednesday night is pasta night whereas she might want to go out.

"It's something everyone has to work out in a marriage - it can't be chips on Friday anymore after this."

Speaking to TV Now magazine about their fiery rapport, he explained how his character Paul is "kind of Italian".

"Without wanting to stereotype Italians, it's almost like a Latin relationship.

"They row like hell, but then it's forgotten again 'til the next argument.

"But if anyone else said to Niamh the things that Paul has said to her, he'd kill them."

Tony joked how it almost feels like he is married to actress Clelia, as he sees her more than his real wife Kate, given the amount of time they spend working together.

"You're working all hours of the day and you have to put loads of effort into it; it's a real relationship.

"But we just fall into it - we don't have to work out what each of us is going to do in a scene, we just know it.

"It's a natural thing and we're really lucky that we clicked that way. Clelia and I want the scene to be better; we want the story to work better. We don't have to worry about working on the relationship - it's there."

"[Paul] always did want her back, even though he said earlier this year that they'd never be man and wife again," he added.

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