Tuesday 12 December 2017

Fair City star Jenny hoping the stage is set for a new experience


Jenny Dixon
Jenny Dixon

We're used to seeing Jenny Dixon on the small screen in Fair City, but now she wants to tread the boards.

She plays Kerri-Ann in the top soap but Jenny says she wouldn't mind trying out something new and appearing on stage.

"I'd love to do it actually. I haven't done any here but I did do a little bit of theatre over in LA. It's something that I'm thinking would be nice to try out," she told the Diary.

"There's such a contrast between theatre and TV, there's an immediate response and a few people have said to me that they would like to see me do theatre, so that was a nice reaction to hear. It'll be a challenge.

"It's a different medium, you have to instantly capture a character or a moment without the process of the editors, the sets or the cameras," she added.

Jenny (right) hit the headlines in 2011 when it emerged that the attractive secondary school teacher was enjoying her summer break partying with A-listers at the Playboy mansion while moonlighting as an actress.


In 2012 she took a career break from her job as a science and maths teacher to pursue her acting dream in LA.

She moved back to Ireland in 2013 after she landed a part in the RTE soap and she's had lots of juicy story lines ever since.

"It's been long 14-hour days at the moment. It's starting to build up now with the love triangle with Deco and Garda McGuire," she said.

"She admitted that she is in love with Deco, but of course in soapland nothing is simple, there'll be lots of twists and turns.

"This is the main story now for the next few weeks so some of the days were long, but it's great when you enjoy what you do because you're not looking at the clock really," she added.

She has lots of fans of all ages and she revealed people often come up to her when she's doing her grocery shopping.

"I was down in Mayo for the Easter weekend. I was getting lots of reaction and it was great to see what people outside of Dublin think too," she said.

"The reaction is lovely, people get very excited. I was in the supermarket once and a little girl come up to me and started crying.

"I think they just get a fright when they see someone off the telly, so there's those little nice moments. People are always lovely," she added.

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