Saturday 16 December 2017

Facebook ultimatum pays off for bar after rowdy pub-goers wreck toilets

Oscar's bar in SMithfield had its toilets trashed by customers.
The bar posted this grainy CCTV shot of the three men responsible for the damage
The bar received a note and the money owed in cash

A BAR in Dublin came up with a unique way of getting three rowdy customers to pay up after damage was caused to their toilets and they fled without paying the bill - they shamed them on Facebook.

Oscars of Smithfield used CCTV footage of a trio of revellers, with their faces pixelated, to demand payment or they would be named and shamed.

They posted a message underneath it on Saturday, saying the group had 72 hours to come clean and pay up.

"To the three gin and tonic-drinking, well-spoken "respectable" punters who were in here last night," it said.

"You have 72 hours to compensate us €300 for the damage you did to our restrooms and running out without paying your bill," it added.


"Dumbasses, we have CCTV cameras everywhere and will have no hesitation in publishing our unpixelated footage during the week if we do not receive payment," the message concluded.

One of the men had knocked a urinal off the wall and all three fled without paying when they were confronted by staff.

The pub's co-owner, Ronan Flood, explained that the Facebook ultimatum was made because "we were so shocked at it we just felt like something had to be done".

The idea paid off with the culprit phoning the bar on Saturday evening and cash and a letter of apology were received the next day.

"Sorry again for all the damage we caused Friday night. I'm also sorry for any personal distress we caused you personally," the letter read.

The administrator of the pub's Facebook page said that the letter "doesn't excuse the actions of these individuals but is a small victory nonetheless.

"Many thanks to the gardai for their assistance on the night."


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