Tuesday 12 December 2017

Ex-mayor's daughter is pepper sprayed

A former mayor has told of his distress after his daughter was pepper-sprayed during an armed burglary at a Paris apartment.

Niamh Allen (21) was sprayed in the eyes and bundled into a room during a terrifying raid last week.

The university student was with a German friend when the home was broken into by a number of armed men.

The young woman has been living in the French capital for a number of months as part of an Erasmus programme.



Her father, former mayor of Wexford Jim Allen, last night said the incident has left the family "extremely distressed".

"Niamh is extremely afraid and shaken," the Fine Gael councillor told the Herald.

"It was an awful ordeal for her, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Ms Allen, who is an English and French student at NUI Maynooth, was minding the apartment for a French family when she heard a number of knocks at the door early in the morning.

"They burst in, ran up the stairs and sprayed the girls. Niamh was then bundled into a room. I can only imagine how frightening it was for them," Cllr Allen said.


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