Tuesday 21 November 2017

Ex-boxer Jamie Moore shot in botched gangland hit ‘shocked’ to hear Gary Hutch was real target

Christy Kinihan. Photo: Sunday World
Gary Hutch

An ex-champion boxer who was shot five times in a gun attack in Spain last year has said he is "shocked" that the intended victim is believed to have been Dublin man Gary Hutch, who was murdered last week.

Jamie Moore, who now works as a Sky TV pundit, was the innocent victim of the botched murder attempt in August 2014 while at the Marbella villa owned by Daniel Kinahan, son of crime boss Christy Kinahan.

But Gary Hutch - who was gunned down in Spain last Thursday - was attending a party in the house and was the intended target of the shooting, gardai and Spanish police believe.

Moore was shot at five times and hit twice - in the leg and the foot.

Moore had been training Matthew Macklin (32) all summer at MGM gym in the Puerto Banus area ahead of a fight at Dublin's National Stadium. That bout then had to be called off after the shooting.

Macklin, who, like Moore, has no involvement in crime, has fans among the feared Kinahan Cartel.

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Moore has expressed his surprise that Hutch is believed to have been the target of the shooting where he was injured.

"I was pretty shocked when I heard that... I have not heard that before," he told the Manchester Evening News.

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"When I spoke to the police they told me it was to do with Russians and Ukranians."

He said he is still suffering the after effects of the shooting incident.

Christy Kinahan .jpg
Christy Kinihan. Photo: Sunday World

Christy Kinihan

"I have got nerve damage and I can't move my foot. I have still got quite a lot of pain."


Meanwhile, former crime kingpin 'Fat' Freddie Thompson is high on a hit-list drawn up by drug-lord Christy Kinahan as he attempts to rid his organisation of henchmen he believes are stealing from him.

The leader of the drug distribution empire is believed to have given the go-ahead for Thursday's execution, in the belief that Hutch had double-crossed him and stolen more than €100,000.

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A similar fate was dealt out to Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh (44) and his brother Paul (27) in two separate murders within six months of each other in Spain and Dublin.

Both were suspected of collecting debts for Kinahan, but not passing them on.

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Kinahan is believed to be sending out a message to his crew that loyalty is demanded and transgressions are punishable with death.

Thompson (34) is said by insiders to have moved closer to the top of Kinahan's hit list now that the Kavanagh brothers and Hutch have been killed.

18 Hutch.jpg
Gary Hutch on a visit home to Dublin earlier this year

Gary Hutch

Another former enforcer, Paul Rice (44), is also said to be on the list after a falling-out with Kinahan's mob.

Dozens of armed gardai were involved in a major operation against Rice on October 9, 2014, at a time when his debt-collection business for the cartel was said to be booming.

He was not arrested during the operation.

In the weeks after Paul Kavanagh's death it emerged that Rice was in a dispute with the cartel and had been spotted in the company of rival Scottish criminals in the 'Costa Del Crime'.

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