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Evil rapist Moore who even struck on Dart dies of cancer


Paul Moore continued to rape, despite many jail stretches

Paul Moore continued to rape, despite many jail stretches

Paul Moore continued to rape, despite many jail stretches

A serial rapist who had a string of convictions for sex attacks on women - including one on a Dart train - has died.

Paul Moore's crimes, which continued despite lengthy prison sentences, marked him out as an evil sex fiend who was a danger to the public. It is understood that Moore died from cancer in the past few days.

The Herald exposed his sick crimes on numerous occasions, and photographed him mingling with unsuspecting members of the public. Some of the photographs showed him travelling on the Luas while he was on bail for sexually assaulting a Dart passenger.

Last year, we revealed that Moore's presence in a Dublin apartment block caused fear among his neighbours following his release from prison.

In 1995, Moore raped a woman and was sentenced to seven years in prison. In 2001, he raped a woman musician and was jailed for 10 years. In 2014, he engaged a woman in conversation on a Dart train before sexually assaulting her.

He had sat next to her and tried to start a conversation, before touching her breasts and pulling at her trousers.

Gardai examined CCTV footage of the incident, but it was another two years before the sex beast was recognised.

Moore was eventually sentenced to three years in prison, with the last 18 months suspended. In 2015, he was back on the streets, and engaged a woman in conversation on Gardiner Street near his home before sexually assaulting her.

In the same year, he engaged another woman in conversation in St Mary's Place North, just 500 metres from his home, before sexually assaulting her.

He received a 15-month sentence for the Gardiner Street and St Mary's Place North attacks. Judge Martin Nolan said Moore had "a predisposition to violence towards women" which "manifests as rape and sexual assault". In 2017, Moore was jailed for another sex attack.


A report from the Probation Service said that Moore expressed no remorse, had proved resistant to all efforts to rehabilitate him and posed an indefinite danger to adult females.

At sentencing for the Dart incident, Judge Melanie Greally said Moore's inability to desist from offending, no matter what punishment was imposed, was a matter of great concern to the court.

She said the legal system did not allow for preventative detention regardless of how compelling the argument might be.