Tuesday 22 May 2018

Evil Killer Dwyer giving architectural advice to fellow inmates for DVDs

Midlands Prison
Midlands Prison

Perverted killer Graham Dwyer is swapping architecture advice for DVDs and other items from inmates as he continues to serve a life sentence in Midlands Prison.

Jail insiders have revealed that the twisted murderer has been helping a small number of inmates who are due to finish their sentences in the coming months, and has been putting his "excellent knowledge" of architecture into use.

"There have been inmates enquiring about building extensions to their homes when they get out of jail and stuff like that," a source told the Herald.

"He is generally very happy to help and gets small rewards, like the DVDs, in return."

Before being charged with the brutal murder of Elaine O'Hara, Dwyer (43) worked for the prestigious architectural firm A&D Wejchert & Partners Ltd which is based on Lower Baggot Street in the capital.

Graham Dwyer has been giving tips to inmates at the Midlands Prison
Graham Dwyer has been giving tips to inmates at the Midlands Prison


He had been appointed a director of the firm in June 2006, but after being charged with Ms O'Hara's murder in October 2013, he was denied bail by the High Court a month later and his contract with the company was terminated.

Dwyer was convicted of the murder of Elaine O'Hara after a sensational nine-week trial on March 27 last year.

Ms O'Hara's remains were found in forestry on Killakee Mountain, Rathfarnham on September 13, 2013.

Since being sent to the Midlands Prison after his conviction, Dwyer spends much of his days in computer classes or reading books in his single cell.

He has also been an avid letter writer and is believed to take a keen interest in how he is portrayed in the media.

Sources say that there have been no major incidents involving Dwyer in jail since he was assaulted by a rapist in March.

The former architect became involved in an altercation with a convicted rapist on the E3- landing of the prison.

Sources revealed how Dwyer became "furious" when he heard that the sex offender - Noel Maher (44) - was allegedly spreading rumours about him.

It is believed that Dwyer confronted Maher on Good Friday in a rage and proceeded to push him, demanding to know why there were rumours circulating about him.

However Maher - who is serving a prison term for the sexual assault and rape of his stepdaughter - punched the convicted killer, sending him crashing to the ground in pain.

Dwyer did not require hospital treatment for his injuries, but was locked into his cell for a number of hours.


Sources have also revealed that Dwyer remains on "very friendly terms" with serial killer Mark Nash and is regularly seen in his company.

"Dwyer has been keeping his head down and he is generally respectful to other inmates and prison staff," the source added.

In April, it emerged that Dwyer wants legal aid for his action against the Garda Commissioner and the State over the use of mobile phone records in his trial.

During the trial, his lawyers argued the mobile phone data was inadmissible but this was rejected by the judge.

His appeal against his murder conviction has not been held yet but is expected to take place at the Court of Criminal Appeal next year.

Dwyer is expected to raise concerns around how his trial was handled and how the jury may have been affected by factors outside the court room.

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