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Euro match made me miss RTE - Bill


Bill O'Herlihy

Bill O'Herlihy

Bill O'Herlihy and wife Hilary (Photo courtesy of VIP magazine)

Bill O'Herlihy and wife Hilary (Photo courtesy of VIP magazine)

Bill O'Herlihy

Bill O'Herlihy is enjoying retirement, but he says he missed the RTE studio during Ireland's recent Euro 2016 qualifier against Germany.

The broadcasting legend left the station this summer after working there for 49 years.

"The one time I felt a pang was when I was watching the Germany match - I would have liked to have been involved in that," he said.

"But the decision to retire was mine, so when you make that decision you can live with it."

However, he hasn't totally retired as he still works with his communications agency.

"I'm not structured to do nothing," he said. "My total retirement - I'm still working with O'Herlihy Communications - has to happen slowly.

Hilary, his wife of 44 years, wants him to slow down, but not because of his health - he has had three heart bypasses as well as a bout of colon cancer.

Rather, it's because he has worked since the age of 16.

"I think she wants me to be available to go down to Spain to play golf together. I also think that because I have worked all my life, she thinks I deserve some time off," said Bill.


The couple's daughter Jill recently left the family business after running it for 17 years.

"It was a hard decision for her, but after many years of consultancy she decided she wanted to work for just one client," Bill told VIP magazine.

"She now works for Mental Health Ireland and loves it."

His other daughter Sally originally followed in his footsteps and became a journalist, but is now a primary school teacher.

"Sally always had great journalistic instincts and after she finished university I called Eamon Dunphy, who at the time had his Today FM show, The Last Word, and I asked would he take her on as an intern," said Bill.

"But she was so good that within a week he had given her a full-time position. Some time after, she joined Sky as a news editor in Dublin and hated every minute of it.

"She rang me up one day and told me she wanted to become a teacher, and now she works in Rutland Street National School in Dublin, and she's very good. Both of my girls are very good."