Saturday 19 January 2019

EU hits Russia with sanctions

The European Union has put into effect a new round of sanctions against Russia over its role in Ukraine, including restrictions on financing for some Russian state-owned companies and asset freezes on leading Russian politicians.

The EU and the United States have been stepping up pressure on Moscow after its annexation of Crimea in March and what the West sees as an effort since then to further destabilise Ukraine by backing pro-Russian separatists with troops and arms.

Teacher shot herself in toilet

A school teacher who was carrying a concealed gun at school was struck by fragments from a bullet and a porcelain toilet when her pistol accidentally fired in a bathroom.

The teacher was injured when the bullet struck a toilet and caused it to explode, Ben Horsley, spokesman for the school district in Salt Lake City, Utah, said.

School killer escaped jail

A teenager who escaped from an Ohio prison with another inmate while serving a life sentence for shooting three students to death at a Cleveland-area high school in 2012 has been taken back into custody, police said.

TJ Lane (19), who was sentenced to life in prison last year for the attack, escaped with fellow inmate Clifford Opperud (45). Lane, who had worn a T-shirt with "killer" scrawled on it and gave a profane statement in court when he was sentenced, was considered extremely dangerous and locals were warned to stay indoors during the extensive police manhunt.

Jury out on Apple's watch

Technology pundits were quick to predict the demise of most fitness wristbands and smartwatches when Apple Inc launched its Apple Watch. But healthcare professionals and fitness junkies were left wanting to see more.

Observers say there is little evidence for now that the device's fitness capabilities surpass the competition. Others, hoping for ground-breaking health features from a company whose boss Tim Cook spoke of how sensors are "set to explode," were left wondering what's in store for the product.

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