Saturday 19 January 2019

EU alarm on 'Joy violence

STABBINGS, assaults and attacks are occurring every day at Mountjoy Prison, it's been claimed.

The European Committee for the Prevention of Torture, who investigated conditions in Irish jails, say the condition of prisons here as "degrading, inhumane and unsafe".

Stabbings and attacks with implements were "an almost daily occurrence in Mountjoy" and the report claimed that the prison was unsafe for prisoners and prison officers.

They cited the gang and drug culture as the primary reason for the violence. The group also outlined allegations made against warders, including kicks to the face, some allegedly while inmates were handcuffed.

There was also heavy criticism of the healthcare system within Irish jails, and concern was expressed at violence between patients and towards staff at St Brendan's and St Ita's psychiatric hospitals.

The CPT found mental health care to be inadequate, particularly in Cork, where there was poor record keeping, over-reliance on medication and dirty observation cells.


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