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Estate mayhem as teen is slashed in second stab attack after bookies hit


Gardai have increased patrols on the Edenmore Estate

Gardai have increased patrols on the Edenmore Estate

Gardai have increased patrols on the Edenmore Estate

Extra garda patrols have been deployed at a north Dublin estate after four days of criminal mayhem, during which two people were stabbed and a bookies was held up with a shotgun.

Tensions in the Edenmore Estate remained high last night after a catalogue of violence that has led to fears someone could be murdered.

The most recent incident happened at around 7pm on St Patrick's Day when a 14-year-old boy was slashed multiple times by a much older man who is suspected of living nearby.

Raheny gardai are investigating the incident, which happened shortly after 7pm at Lough Derg Road.

The boy was slashed on the arm, legs and back.

This attacker is believed to have been trying to intimidate the boy in the minutes leading up to the attack.

The young teenager suffered a number of puncture wounds in the incident, which was reported to Coolock gardai on Monday.

Sources said the boy, who is from the Ayrfield area of the northside, is making a good recovery and gardai are following a definite line of inquiry.


Drug dealer Zach Parker, who was shot dead in January

Drug dealer Zach Parker, who was shot dead in January

Drug dealer Zach Parker, who was shot dead in January

In an unrelated incident, gardai are investigating an attempted armed robbery at a bookies on Edenmore Avenue at 7pm on Friday.

In that case, two men entered the shop, one of them armed with what is believed to have been a sawn-off shotgun.

They threatened staff members before fleeing empty-handed.

The thug with the firearm was tall, dressed in a dark green jacket, had his face covered and was wearing blue jeans and white runners, gardai said.

His accomplice, who was of thin build and average height, was not armed.

He was caught on CCTV wearing a light blue jacket with his hood up.

His face was covered and he was wearing black runners.


"No arrests have yet been made in this case and no one was injured, but it was a terrifying ordeal for staff," a source told the Herald.

In a third incident, a 32-year-old man was stabbed five times in the back in an attack on Edenmore Avenue at 9pm last Thursday.

Armed gardai rushed to the scene of the attack, close to a chipper, in which the local man "lost a huge amount of blood" in a completely unprovoked attack.

He was rushed to Beaumont Hospital but was discharged after being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

None of the three unsolved incidents in the Edenmore estate are believed to be connected.

Nor are they linked to a botched armed raid at a local takeaway in which two staff members were shot on New Year's Day.

A 44-year-old local man has been charged in relation to that incident.

Sources said that separately, major concern surrounds the activities of a drugs dealer who is using "severe intimidation" to retrieve money owed.

The local thug, aged in his 20s, was a close associate of 23-year-old Zach Parker who was shot dead as he left a gym in Swords, where he lived, last January 17.

Parker's Edenmore trafficker pal was so shocked by his death that he briefly called a halt to his considerable drug dealing and cash gathering activities in the Coolock and Raheny areas, but is now "extremely active again", according to sources.

"A lot of people are very upset but none so much as Parker's pal. He was very close to him," a source said.