Monday 28 May 2018

ESB denies plan to cut power to Priory Hall

ESB Networks has today denied that it is preparing to cut off all power supply to the Priory Hall Apartment complex.

It emerged today that Dublin City Council informed residents that their homes are at risk of being flooded after the ESB cut off power to one of the basements at the request of a supplier.In a letter to the displaced families, seen by the Herald, the council said the move will mean surface water accumulating in the basement will not be pumped out as there is no power supply to do so.

“I am instructed that the ESB has disconnected the power supply to the pumps in the North Block basement and have said that they will also disconnect the South Block Basement supply,” according to a council lawyer.

“The effect of this is that surface water accumulating in the basement will not be pumped out to the surface water drainage system. I am further instructed that the power supply to the common areas has also been disconnected.

”While electricity was disconnected to parts of the complex in November, residents only learned last night of the flooding risks.However claims by residents today that the ESB were preparing to cut electricity to the entire complex are inaccurate, according to the company.

A spokesperson told the Herald that the supply to the basements was cut off in November, at the direction of a separate electricity supplier. “At present there are no safety hazards requiring disconnection of supply to the complex. “Electricity supply to common areas and lifts were disconnected in December at the request of a supplier.”

The Priory Hall Residents Association today however said the risk of flooding still persists. “Cutting the power supply will cause rapid deterioration to Priory Hall,” the Association’s Graham Usher told the Herald.

“Water ingression and drainage problems have caused severe damage to our homes previously and we know that without power the pumps will stop working and the car park becomes immersed in water.

The resultant water ingression and flooding will cause further deterioration to our homes and we fear the development will deteriorate even further.”

He added:“It’s been over four months since we’ve lost our homes through no fault of our own. We are pleading for political intervention here. The hardship and pain we are going through is indescribable.

”It has now been over 100 days since the 261 residents were evacuated from the apartment complex in Donaghmede after it was found to be suffering from serious fire defects

.Dublin City Council is currently paying for the residents’ temporary accomodation following a High Court order. However, this order is being appealed to the Supreme Court – set to be heard again on Thursday. Families face the prospect of homelessness from April if they lose their temporary accomodation.

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