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ERU called to stop Traveller feud riot

SENIOR garda management decided to call in armed ERU squads as well as public order units to deal with the crisis which they feared could spiral out of control.

The mayhem is directly linked to a video made by a gang spelling out threats, including several that they'd pipe-bomb their enemies' homes.

"I'm going to blow away your wives, your girlfriends, everyone is getting it," says one man on the film.

"We're ready for war. We are coming to you tonight, I swear on my mother's life.


"The pipe bombs are going in through your windows now. Up on top of your children I'll blow them. Ye are all f***ing getting it."

Five men, all armed and all shouting into the camera, are featured in the two-minute clip.

One of the women threatened in the video has spoken to the Herald about her terror.

Mum-of-four Bridget Collins (29) said: "This might end up with somebody dead, and I think it will be an innocent woman or child that gets it.

"I now have to watch my back all the time. I'm looking around me everywhere I go, and I'm more afraid of what will happen to my kids.

"They nearly got it before when the house was burned down."

She added: "These people are hiding behind masks and guns and threatening us, but I have nothing to hide. I've never hurt anyone. I'm not guilty of anything."

Bridget's statement was criticised by the rival faction who contacted the Herald and claimed that her associates were responsible for the feud.

Meanwhile, it emerged that gardai are close to arresting some of the five gun-toting thugs who are filmed in the sick video.

A source said: "At least three of the fellas have been identified -- there will be arrests in this make no mistake about that."

We can reveal that one of the criminals is from the Tallaght area, another is a suspected sex offender, while one of the masked gangsters has links to bare knuckle boxer James Quinn McDonagh.