Monday 18 December 2017

Equality for women 'has caused mayhem in golf'

Veteran BBC commentator Peter Alliss has said that attempts to give women equal rights in golf have "caused mayhem".

Recent legislation has given women more rights in golf clubs, while St Andrews and Royal St George's have both voted to admit female members for the first time.

But Alliss (84) said equality had "buggered up the game for a lot of people".

"There's been a hell of a row because four golf courses that hold the Open didn't have women members," he said.

"The Ladies Golf Union has lost 150,000 members since equality came in. Hundreds of women have left golf clubs because they've gone from paying half fare to full fare. It's caused mayhem.

"When I was at Muirfield talking to a few of the lady members, I said, 'What about this equality? You must be happy?' 'God no', they said. 'We can come here and do what we like and don't pay'.

"The equality thing is a great part of golf. Equality for women: a few people battled away to get it, they got it, and they have buggered up the game for a lot of people."


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