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'Enough is enough and we're getting set to strike'

DOCTORS may be prepared to strike due to exhausting shift hours and poor working conditions.

THE junior doctors said that they are physically worn down by shifts of up to 30 hours a day and as much as 120 hours a week.

Hundreds of qualified medics are seriously considering leaving Ireland in search of better hours, working conditions and pay.

The European Commission has already ruled that if Ireland continues to turn its back on full compliance with EU rules on working hours of hospital doctors, it will refer Ireland to the European Court of Justice.


And now, with nowhere left to turn, junior doctors here are considering striking.

Dr Mark Murphy, who is in the GP training scheme at Sligo General Hospital, said that enough is enough.

"In my opinion it is an absolute disgrace -- Ireland has had its chance to get its house in order, yet it has not," he told the Herald.

"There needs to be a complete reorganisation about how the hospitals work.

"It needs to happen seamlessly and it needs to happen soon."

Dr Murphy said morale amongst doctors has never been so low.