Wednesday 17 January 2018

Enjoy it while you can! Sunny spell set to come to a shivering halt

Emma rutter (19) and Charley Cross (19) enjoying a cycle in the phoenix park Credit: Damien Eagers
Emma rutter (19) and Charley Cross (19) enjoying a cycle in the phoenix park Credit: Damien Eagers
Naoimi Garcia (5) from Madrid feeds the deer in the phoenix park Credit: Damien Eagers

Sun-lovers prepare to weep, the sunshine is about to end. Expect a sharp decline in the coming days as next week temperatures will drop into single digits.

Met Eireann are reporting that just two days of sunshine are left before a widespread cooling will take hold this Saturday.

Friday will be the last chance to get the most out of that summer outfit as by the weekend, temperatures will plummet to as low as 9 degrees in some parts of the country.

“It’s going to be a shock to the system, so squeeze Thursday and Friday as much as you can,” said Met forecaster Joanna Donnelly.

“The high pressure front will move on by Friday, and then the rain will come. It will move North until Sunday, where it will start coming back down South.”

“There are weather systems coming in that will bring a big drop in temperatures so best put away the summer clothes.”

Thursday and Friday levels will be about 14-20 degrees before falling away for the weekend. Tonight will continue to be dry and clear.

Friday will be mostly be cloudy with some rain spreading northwards. But it will still be mild with top temperatures reaching 12 to 16 degrees.

Saturday however will be a largely wet day. Expect widespread frost and overnight showers in the north and northwest.

It will be cold on Sunday with scattered showers, many of which will likely turn heavy. Met Eireann are warning of the risk of hail or thunder.

"Next week we'll be looking at temperatures far below what we'd expect for this time of year," added Ms Donnelly.

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