Thursday 14 December 2017

Engine led to tall ship sinking

AN INTERIM investigation into the sinking of a Dutch tall ship off the Irish coast and the dramatic rescue of 33 trainee sailors and crew has found it was primarily caused by a critical engine failure.

The 42m Astrid, a 95-year-old Dutch-owned sail training brig, foundered and then sank on July 24, 2013, near Oysterhaven, Co Cork.

The sailing vessel ran on to rocks in strong tides. The trainee sailors and crew were saved in what has been described as one of the greatest rescue operations ever mounted by the RNLI and Irish Coastguard.

Schizophrenia link to Vitamin D

People who suffer from Vitamin D deficiency are twice as likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia as those who have sufficient levels of the vitamin, according to new research.

Scientists who examined 19 studies involving more than 2,000 adults found 65pc of participants who had the mental health condition were also Vitamin D deficient. Those with schizophrenia had "significantly" lower levels of Vitamin D in their blood compared to those who did not.

Investment brings 190 jobs

IRELAND celebrated 190 new jobs with three investments in Laois and Cork.

Forty new jobs are to be created in Cork by US-based security management firm AlienVault. A further 130 jobs are being created with the re-opening of the Kingsley Hotel, which closed following damage in the River Lee floods of November 2009.

A further 20 jobs are to be created in Portlaoise by UK-based technology services firm Internal Results.

Sunlight helps

bats navigate

Fresh evidence has emerged of the sophisticated navigational skills of bats, with new research showing they use polarised light to help them make their way around at night.

Greater mouse-eared bats were shown to react to the way the sun's light is scattered in the atmosphere at sunset in order to calibrate their internal magnetic compass.

Researchers said animals including bees, dung beetles and fish use this system, but bats are the first mammals to do so.

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