Monday 18 December 2017

Engagement ring was the only thing stolen in house raid

Dubliner Lisa McCabe
Dubliner Lisa McCabe
Lisa McCabe's engagement ring which was stolen

A Dublin couple were left devastated after a break-in at their home resulted in the theft of only one precious item - an engagement ring.

Lisa McCabe (30) and Keith Moore (32) had their wedding plans thrown into disarray after their home near Collins Avenue, Glasnevin was broken into and ransacked.

Devastatingly, Lisa's custom-made engagement ring appears to have been the only thing that was stolen from the house after burglars rifled through their possessions.

The thieves even ransacked Lisa's car, but it wasn't taken.

The TV producer working with RTE said that she took off her ring before she went to work in Laois.

"I'm working at the Ploughing Championships at the moment. I don't like to bring my engagement ring to things like this in case it gets lost," Lisa told the Herald.

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Lisa McCabe's engagement ring which was stolen

"Because I was at work, I didn't have my phone on me, when I saw it I had loads of missed calls and voice messages from Keith. I rang him and he told me we'd been broken into."

"My first thought when he told me was 'check the ring'," said Lisa.

Her friend, Louise McSharry of RTE's F##K CANCER, tweeted a picture of the ring, appealing for help.

"Keith bought the ring in November in Antwerp, but didn't actually ask me to marry him until February. We got engaged when he put the ring into a coconut when we were on a beach in Thailand," Lisa explained.

Lisa and Keith, who have been together for 10 years, are due to be married in November next year.

"The ring is really distinctive and gardai have said they think the culprit will have a difficult time selling it on," Lisa said.

Lisa works for Vision independent productions and said she has been trying to distract herself by focusing on work.

"I'm hopeful I'll get it back," Lisa added.

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