Sunday 16 December 2018

Empty city flats could be used to house students

DUBLIN City Council is examining proposals to allow the dilapidated Dominick Street flats in Dublin's north inner city to be converted into student accommodation by September.

Some 32 apartments in the 1970s council housing estate -- which have been vacated and earmarked for regeneration -- could become available for students by the start of the next academic year if councillors give the plan the green light.

Chubb Properties is proposing to pay €100,000 a year to Dublin City Council, over the next few years, while the planning process for the flats is completed.

Carol Chubb, director of Chubb Properties, insists that the flats are not derelict, even though they were to be bulldozed for regeneration, and she says her company wants to convert the apartments into units for students.


"They're vacant but not derelict. Dominick Street was down for regeneration but with the recession that's been delayed.

"These are very good for students. They have PVC windows, There's space in the bedrooms for students to do their study, and they're much higher quality than what many students are paying for at higher prices."

The 1970s flats are to be eventually replaced by 120 social units over a 10-year period at a cost of about €27m, using public money.

But Chubb Properties says the new move towards students will benefit residents and traders, bringing a fresh look to the dilapidated area.

"We're going in for the interim. It's not a long-term thing and it'll give the area a facelift. It'll be on view for all to see."

""They're basic duplex apartments, with two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. It wouldn't take a lot, the roofs are in good repair and they've passed all the regulations to be of good living standards."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Dublin City Council said councillors will decide whether the plan will go ahead or not.

"We've received a proposal which we're considering. We think there's merit in it but it's the council's decision.

"The regeneration board will also have to think about it as well."


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