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employees want healthier options at work

IRELAND's workforce want to get healthier and they believe their bosses can help them.

Two thirds of employees recognise they need to consume healthier food and drinks. But just 15pc said their employers provide healthy food choices in company canteens or vending machines.

Only one third of employees take the recommended weekly level of exercise for a healthy lifestyle while four in ten office-bound workers say they are not physically active at all during their working day. One fifth of inactive workers cite the overall lack of facilities with one in ten highlighting the lack of shower facilities.

Launching Workplace Wellbeing Day 2015, IBEC boss Danny McCoy said employee wellbeing is a high priority for companies because of its positive impact on productivity and absenteeism.

"With 11 million days lost through absenteeism every year at a cost of €1.5bn, improving employee wellbeing is in everyone's best interest.

"This campaign is about employers identifying what they're doing well in this area, promoting it amongst employees and sharing it with other companies.

"Equally importantly, is the identification of where improvements can be made, and making them too," he said.

Kate O'Flaherty, Health and Wellbeing Programme director at the Department of Health said it was important bosses support the initiative.