Tuesday 22 May 2018

Electric car? No chance -- The ESB chairman prefers a gas-guzzling €300k Ferrari

IT'S the Viagra of cars for wrinkly old millionaires -- the €300k Ferrari 599.

In this case the old fogey is Lochlann Quinn, chairman of the ESB -- a semi-State company that has been trying, at no expense spared, to trick us into thinking electric motoring is the future.

It's just a pity that his own personal choice of motoring doesn't reflect his company's stance.

Whether or not it's appropriate that the chairman of the ESB swans around town at the wheel of a Ferrari, what is for sure, is that the 71-year-old looks slightly ludicrous.

Mr Quinn is brother of the Labour Education Minister Ruairi Quinn, whose colleague Brendan Howlin wants Lochlann Quinn and others to waive their massive fees.

Last month it was revealed that the ex-chief executive of the ESB, Padraig McManus, had walked off with an €800k pension pot.

As tens of thousands of hard-pressed members of the public worry about the growing problem of fuel poverty, the ESB continues to rub their customers noses in it with their showy benefits and salaries.

Its electric motoring drive encouraged the public to buy into their vision.

Yet neither Quinn nor Padraig McManus have signed up to that dream.


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