Sunday 18 August 2019

Election Briefs: I didn't lie -- ex asylum seeker

A FORMER asylum seeker running in the General Election has denied allegations that he lied about his past in an attempt to stay in Ireland.

Independent candidate Nigerian-born Rotimi Adebari (47) was Ireland's first black mayor. The councillor, who is based in Portlaoise, denied claims that he worked as a train driver with London Underground in the 1990s before moving to Ireland.

Party proposals to be assessed

A TEAM of academics are due to evaluate the parties' manifesto proposals.

The effectiveness of their proposals will be assessed under five key headings and 25 indicators before giving them marks out of 100.

The results are due to be published on reformcard.com.

NY Times piece hits out at FF

AN EDITORIAL in the New York Times has lashed out at Fianna Fail's management of the economy and has urged the Government to renegotiate its debts with the EU.

The paper gave its endorsement of a future Fine Gael and Labour coalition.

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