Thursday 17 January 2019

Election Briefs: FG accused of recycling slogan

THE Green Party would be proud. Its election rivals in Fine Gael have been accused of recycling a Labour election slogan for the 1992. During the so-called 'Spring Tide', Dick Spring ran his campaign under the heading: "Let's make Ireland work." Now, 19 years later, Enda Kenny says: "Let's get Ireland working."

A week left to register to vote

THE clock is ticking for people who are not yet registered to vote.

The deadline to join the 3.1 million men and women already entitled to vote is just a week away. Postal voters must have applied by the close of business today. Check you are listed to vote at www.checktheregister.ie.

No glamour in party launches

THE glitz and glamour appears to have gone out of party election launches.

Labour did reached for the skies yesterday as it kick started its campaign in a brewery, while Fianna Fail and Fine Gael stayed in their city election offices.

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