Thursday 14 December 2017

Elaine O'Hara said bisexual man was the father of lost baby, pal tells court

Elaine O'Hara (left) and Graham Dwyer (right)
Elaine O'Hara (left) and Graham Dwyer (right)

ELAINE O'Hara told a woman she befriended at one stage that she had become pregnant by a bisexual man called Adam and miscarried in bed at her apartment, but did not tell him.

In the woman's statements to gardai, she said Ms O'Hara also spoke of getting men to tie her up and cut her because she enjoyed "the release of blood from her body".

The woman, Elaine Twomey, said she eventually broke off contact with Ms O'Hara because she became "too needy". Ms O'Hara subsequently went missing.

Ms Twomey did not give evidence, but two statements she made were read to the jury by prosecution barrister Anne Marie Lawlor.

Ms Lawlor read out the first statement in which Ms Twomey said she met Ms O'Hara while they were both at St Edmundsbury Hospital in Lucan.

Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer

In the statement, Ms Twomey said Ms O'Hara had told her she enjoyed getting cut by men. Ms O'Hara told her about a website she was using and that she would "find men on the website and they would tie her up and cut her and she enjoyed the release of blood from her body".

She said Ms O'Hara told her about three to four "regulars"; one was called Adam but she said he was different and did not cut her or tie her up.

Ms O'Hara told her she had miscarried and that Adam was the father, Ms Twomey said in her statement. "I think he was bisexual," she told gardai.

In another statement, Ms Twomey said they were having a coffee and chatting at a cafe when the subject of relationships came up.


"She told me she had a regular partner but she didn't tell me his name," Ms Twomey said.

Elaine O'Hara
Elaine O'Hara

"She told me she liked to be tied up and cut and she liked the release of blood because it relieved the tension she was feeling," Ms Twomey told gardai. "I was shocked.

"Around 2011 or 2012 she told me she was going to Starbuck's in Dundrum to meet up with a man she met on the internet," Ms Twomey said.

She said Ms O'Hara did not go out very much and was "anti-social" but "big into her family".

As well as working as a teaching assistant, she said Ms O'Hara told her she was giving grinds to a little boy.

She said Ms O'Hara had mood swings, would get depressed and spoke of enjoying self-harming, which she was doing "on and off over the years".

At one point, she said, Ms O'Hara lifted her top and showed her multiple scars on her stomach. They were superficial "nicks".

"I believed she was attention-seeking and very immature for her age," the statement read. "With Elaine it was always drama. She had a very relaxed attitude to sex compared with other aspects of her life, which she was tense about."

At another meeting in the cafe at Belarmine, Stepaside she said Ms O'Hara got more upset than normal and told her she had a miscarriage two to three days previously.

She said Ms O'Hara told her it happened in her apartment in Belarmine Plaza; she had woken up with blood everywhere. She had been two to three months pregnant and was very upset and sad because she had wanted the baby.

She had not told the father and Ms Twomey told her not to contact him. She said Ms O'Hara also told her she had not told her doctor.

She said Ms O'Hara told him she was seeing him regularly and he was a nice guy and bisexual.


"She said this man was not solely with her, she didn't explain this," Ms Twomey said in the statement. "In my opinion, there was no relationship there but just sex. She didn't tell me anymore because Elaine was a very private person and wouldn't discuss anything else."

In her statement, she went on to tell gardai that Ms O'Hara "started getting too needy", phoning Ms Twomey constantly about "irrelevant things".

"I would be getting six phone calls and six texts a day," she said in her statement. "I found it too much." She told her to stop calling and texting her and deleted her number. Ms Twomey said she last saw Ms O'Hara in the shop in August 2012 and "we said hello and went our separate ways".

Earlier the court heard a statement supplied by a David McGovern who told gardai he had used the websites Fetlife.com and Alt.com and Friendfinder to meet women for "no strings attached fun".

He said he had been shown a photograph of Ms O'Hara and said he was "100pc" had never met her. When told his phone number was on Ms O'Hara's phone, he said he had used the number on dating websites.


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