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'Effects and reality TV nauseate me' - Ken

Actor Ken Stott has blasted the state of modern TV, complaining about the reliance on "reality" formats and property shows.

The star - who has been back on screens in BBC1's The Missing - said he was in "despair" and also grumbled about the overuse of special effects, which he said prompts him to turn off programmes.

In an interview for the Radio Times, he said: "I despair. In every area we seem to have thrown everything away and embraced reality television.

"It's nauseating, programme after programme: How to trick somebody into buying your house, followed by how to trick somebody into doing up your house, into how to trick somebody into not doing up your house, and what to cook while doing it."


Stott, who has appeared in The Vice and detective show Rebus, went on: "I like documentaries, for example about climbing Everest, but we don't do that any more.

"The new documentary that we watch is how to make a blancmange."

He continued that reality TV "could drop off the side of a cliff and we'd all be better off for it".

The 60-year-old was also dismissive of the over-use of glossy high-tech effects on shows, telling the magazine: "As with all new toys, we play with them too much. Whenever I see pointless use of special effects, I reach for something else."