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Eerie estate calls in ghost hunters

Irish ghost hunters are set to investigate spooky activity at the famous Powerscourt Estate in Wicklow.

Members of the public, who have bought tickets, can watch the first ever public paranormal investigation since the estate was formed in 1302.

Partly constructed using the walls of a medieval 13th century castle, Powerscourt House has played home to interesting historical characters over the years, including the O'Toole family of Leinster.

Aoife O'Driscoll, marketing and communications manager at Powerscourt Estate, said that there had been so many unexplained spooky happenings over the years at the historic venue.


"We called in the ghost hunters after there were lots of reported things over the years," she told the Herald.

"People have experienced different things. One individual was up on a ladder and they felt someone's hands on their back, trying to push them off.

"There was another case of people walking into the house and finding a wine bottle sitting on the middle of the floor with the top off, but nobody had been there.

The event takes place on the night of Friday, March 1, and tickets cost €55.