Thursday 18 January 2018

East Wall: Rising heroine to be remembered in July

An explosion on O'Connell Street in 1916
An explosion on O'Connell Street in 1916

THE East Wall History Group is holding a summer school honouring a doctor who saved the lives of thousands of Dubliners in the early 1900s.

Born in Mayo in 1874, Ms Kathleen Lynn moved to Dublin in 1903 and worked in the Eye and Ear Hospital from 1910. She was so shocked by the conditions of the poor in Dublin's north inner city that she decided to join the revolutionary movement.

She took part in the Easter Rising and later became involved in medical vaccinations for the poor.

"During the outbreak of the Spanish Flu in Dublin in 1918 she came down one night to North Wall and inoculated the whole area," said historian Joe Mooney.

"There are a lot of people in East Wall and North Wall who wouldn't be alive today because their families would have died during the flu epidemic."

His group is running its first ever summer school in memory of local historian Sarah Lundberg (47), who tragically died last year.

Shortly before her death, Sarah was planning on publishing the diaries Kathleen Lynn.

"We had a talk about how we'd honour her memory and how to continue the work she was doing and we decided to have the Sarah Lundberg Summer School," Joe said.

The event runs on July 18 in the Sean O'Casey Community Centre on St Mary's Road, East Wall.

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