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Dwyer experimented with LSD and ecstasy and flew into fits of rage with ex-partner

Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer's father Sean Dwyer
Eimear McShea
Dwyer's father Sean visiting his killer son

CRAZED killer Graham Dwyer experimented with LSD and ecstasy, flying into fits of rage towards the end of his relationship with his former partner, it has emerged.

The convicted murderer took the mind-altering drugs around 1996, a friend of his former partner Emer McShea said.

The couple met while still at college and began dating in early 1992. Two months later she became pregnant with Dwyer's child.

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Ms McShea was at first impressed by the suave architecture student who played bass in a rock band.

But when Dwyer began taking ecstasy and LSD, Ms McShea, from Donegal, became concerned for her safety.

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Dwyer would fly into fits of intense rage which would leave him sobbing in a way that terrified her.

Last Friday, Dwyer (42) was found guilty of the murder of Elaine O'Hara in the Dublin mountains in August 2012.

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"The court didn't hear a quarter of what that girl went through with that evil b*****d," a friend said. "God bless her, she knew him better than most people and she had a lucky escape.

Eimear McShea

Emer McShea

"This weekend is probably the first time she has felt truly free from him in 20 years."

The couple had a son together, and it was then that Dwyer pleaded with Ms McShea to marry him.

He tried to control her and began taking knives to the bedroom when they had sex.

"He told her he was going mad thinking of her," said the friend.

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In May 1993 he proposed and she said yes.

"Emer said there was something she didn't feel right about and she cried a lot. She wanted to turn him down but he had such an influence over her that she felt she couldn't," said the friend.

Another source said: "He became more abusive and would call her names and tell her she was ugly and no one else would want anything to do with her."

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It was around this same time Dwyer divulged his twisted fantasy about stabbing a woman while having sex and began to bring a kitchen knife to bed.

"This terrified Emer," said a friend.

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In February 1996 Ms McShea finally escaped Dwyer's clutches with the help of her family and friends.

She suspected he was involved with another woman and the final straw came when she saw him taking drugs.

Dwyer Family 1 07_2.jpg
Graham Dwyer's father Sean Dwyer

Sean Dwyer

Even though Dwyer began a relationship with Gemma Healy, from Sligo, who he married in 2002, he continued to pester Ms McShea.

Further harassment began when he heard she had met another man who she has since married.

In 2007 when she and her future husband began building a house, Dwyer suddenly began turning up in Ballyshannon.

She saw him cycling past their home, and on another occasion he was sitting in his car watching the new house.

He began sending her texts making comments about the design of the new house to let her know he was watching.

A friend who was in a band with Dwyer in the 1990s has painted a picture of a man who was "a nice guy", but beneath that veneer was a twisted individual.

The band, The Swing, was formed in 1992 when Steve Hadley and another man placed an ad in a music shop in Dublin looking for a bass player.

"I can't believe he's turned into a monster. He never discussed any bizzare fantasies," said Mr Hadley.

"I've been in shock from day one when I heard about his arrest and it will take a while to sink in that he's been jailed for such a brutal and barbaric crime."

Dwyer was put on suicide watch when he was returned to Cloverhill on Friday.

Being on suicide watch means being placed in a cell with padded walls and bedding that cannot be torn into a ligature. He would also be observed very often and woken from his sleep to ensure he was conscious.

As he prepares for his sentencing hearing on April 20, at which victim impact statements will be read before he receives a mandatory life sentence, Dwyer will have to come to terms with the gravity of what that sentence means.

Now locked up in Cloverhill, his visiting hours have been dramatically reduced.

Until now he had one visit a day from family or friends, but the number of visits allowed to a prisoner is dramatically reduced on conviction.

Dwyer was allowed one visit a day of not less that 15 minutes for six days a week as an unconvicted prisoner. Now he is entitled to only one visit a week.


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