Sunday 20 January 2019

Dunne teams up with Gilesy for walk

PREMIER League footballer Richard Dunne has signed on to support this year's inaugural Walk of Dreams event.

The Herald and Irish Independent have teamed up with the John Giles Foundation and their first annual Walk of Dreams project, which is campaigning to build stronger clubs, schools and communities throughout Ireland.

More than 1,000 football clubs representing their areas will join the walk.

And they will be joined by some of the best known faces in the sporting world as they return to their roots, including the Aston Villa defender, who happily posed for pictures this week to support the cause.

Legendary broadcaster Giles wanted to bring as many regional football clubs together in order to raise awareness.

The walk has received fantastic support from across the country and is set to surpass all expectations in terms of attendance and fundraising.

This year's walk will kick off on Sunday, March 27, in 14 different locations at 3pm.

Foundation manager Noel Mooney explained: "Johnny had a vision for all Irish football clubs to demonstrate the importance of football to the country."

Further information see: www.johngilesfoundation.com.


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