Friday 15 December 2017

Dundons made threats to kill gran and three children over jail row, court heard

CLAIM: 'Prisoner's jail brawl with accused's pal sparked backlash'

THE Special Criminal Court has heard that Wayne Dundon threatened to kill a grandmother and her three children after the woman's son was in a prison fight with an associate of Dundon's.

The trial of Wayne (33) and John Dundon (30), with addresses in Limerick city, who have been charged with threatening to kill four members of the same family, opened in the non-jury Special Criminal Court yesterday.

The court heard that the background to the alleged offences arose after April Collins ended her relationship with Ger Dundon -- a brother of the two defendants.

The couple, who were together for eight years and had three children, split up after Ger was imprisoned in 2010 for his role in the intimidation and extortion of another man in Limerick.


April's father, Jimmy, and her brother, Gareth Collins, were also jailed as part of the same investigation.

Prosecutor Tom O'Connell said Ms Collins stopped going to prison to visit Ger and would not bring their children to see him.

He said this led to a "state of acrimony" between April Collins, her former partner and his brothers.

The packed court heard that on the afternoon of September 30, 2010, there was a fight in Limerick prison between Gareth Collins and Nathan Killeen -- who shared a cell with Ger Dundon.

Hours later, Nathan's sisters Ciara and Linda and two other women attacked the motor car of Alice Collins -- Gareth and April's mother -- outside her home at Hyde Avenue. All four women later received suspended prison sentences for the violent crime.

On the same evening between 8pm and 9pm, Wayne Dundon walked into Alice Collins' sitting room and referred to the prison fight.

The court heard that Wayne said he was going to kill Gareth Collins. He also said, "Our John will give some fool €10,000 to kill your Jimmy [junior]. How about that?"

Alice Collins was petrified and asked why was Wayne picking on her son, Jimmy. He replied: "It's the quiet fellow that gets it."

Six months later, on March 25 last, after returning from England, Wayne walked into April Collins's home at Hyde Road and demanded to know why she was not letting his nephews see their father (Ger) in prison.

The court heard he threatened to kill April and also threatened to kill her brother, Gareth, when he was released from prison. "He won't make it through the gates when he gets out," it is alleged Wayne said.

It is also claimed he made a threat to April Collins to kill her mother, Alice.


"If your mother pulls up outside the house, one more time, she won't drive away again. She will be going in a body bag. You know our threats are serious -- tell her that from me," he said.

Subsequently, Mr Justice Paul Butler, Ms Justice Alison Lindsay and Judge Cormac Dunne heard that on the night of April 3 last, April Collins heard hammering at the front door of her home.

John Dundon was outside and he shouted: "I want to see my nephews you tramp. When I catch you, I'm going to kill you."

Later that night at 1.30am, April saw John Dundon standing on the shed in her back garden with another man in the back garden. It was claimed that he said: "We are looking for a good place to bury your mother."

Wayne and John Dundon have pleaded not guilty to all seven charges of threats to kill the four family members.

Wayne has also pleaded not guilty to intimidating Alice and April Collins with the intention of interfering with or obstructing the course of justice in 2010.

Alice Collins is expected to give evidence today followed by her daughter, April.

The trial is expected to last for at least a week.


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