Monday 18 December 2017

Dundon's gang tried to hire hitman

JOHN Dundon's gang tried to hire a hitman to kill potential witnesses in his murder trial, it can be revealed.

Among those on the hitlist was April Collins, the former partner of Dundon's brother Ger.

The Herald has learned that senior members of the Dundon gang befriended notorious Eastern European criminal Gintaras Zelvys (41) while in prison.

He was being used to recruit a hitman to murder potential witnesses in the Shane Geoghegan trial, including April and Lisa Collins.

However, the sinister plot ended when Zelvys – a convicted rapist – was gunned down in front of his wife in Rathcoole on May 1 last.

John Dundon was yesterday sentenced to life in prison for Shane Geoghegan's murder.

The Lithuanian gangster became close to members of the Dundon gang in prison after he was jailed for seven years for extorting money with menaces from fellow eastern Europeans in Monaghan.

Zelvys had previously been observed by gardai on at least one occasion entering John Dundon's home in Hyde Road, Limerick, where Dundon's girlfriend, Ciara Killeen, lived.

While waiting for the trial to go ahead, gardai in Limerick assigned 24-hour protection to the Collins family who have fallen out with the Dundons in spectacular fashion. Two sisters, April and Lisa Collins, have revealed the background which led to the murder of Shane Geoghegan.

April Collins (26) is the former partner of Ger Dundon – John's brother – also in prison.

They began seeing each other at the age of 16, and had three children, but broke up in 2011.

Lisa Collins (29) was the partner of Christopher McCarthy – a first cousin of John Dundon – and they lived at Crecora Avenue in Limerick.

John Dundon was a frequent caller to their home and arrived on one occasion with Barry Doyle in tow.

The revelation that members of the Dundon gang were in contact with Zelvys is the latest sinister twist in the story that followed Shane Geoghegan's tragic death.

Sources say that Dundon was desperate to find any way of getting off the charge.

At the trial, Lisa Collins told how John Dundon used to be talking about John ‘Pitchfork' McNamara.

She said that Dundon ordered her and Christopher McCarthy to steal the car which was used to help Barry Doyle flee from the murder scene on the night of the murder.

Lisa, who has been arrested in three separate murder investigations in Limerick, identified herself on CCTV with Christopher McCarthy.

Last year, Wayne (34) and John (29) Dundon were jailed for a total of 11 and a half years for threatening to kill April Collins and her two brothers.

April has provided gardai with the evidence needed to end the McCarthy-Dundon empire.

Her future evidence will be crucial for any other convictions against Dundon gang members and all in Limerick are well aware of this.

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