Friday 15 December 2017

Dundon told: 'You killed a pizza man'

"YOU killed a pizza man": those were the words that John Dundon heard from rival criminal Philip Collopy telling him that his gunman had killed the wrong man.

Dundon had intended to murder John McNamara, who was close friends with Collopy and lived four doors away from murder victim Shane Geoghegan.

On October 29, 2008, Dundon arranged to meet Collopy in the heart of Limerick city.

Collopy was accompanied by his brother, Kieran; Dundon arrived with Doyle from the other end of the street. The episode was caught on CCTV.

Dundon told Collopy that he wanted to murder McNamara and introduced him to 'Doyler', who would carry out the shooting.



As McNamara was a close associate of Collopy, Dundon was seeking Collopy's blessing to carry out the hit.

Collopy said nothing and left immediately with his brother. He later told McNamara that an attack on his life was imminent.

McNamara had been involved in a long running feud with the McCarthy-Dundons and escaped several attempts on his life, including shooting and knife attacks.

On the night of November 8-9, 2008, McNamara and Collopy spent the night drinking in the Absolute Hotel and the Mucky Duck bar in the city, while Doyle murdered Mr Geoghegan.



While the Special Criminal Court trial heard evidence that a phone call was made by Dundon to Collopy almost six hours after the murder, there was at least one other communication, along with text messages exchanged between the criminals, after the botched shooting.

When Dundon wrongly boasted that McNamara had been shot dead, Collopy rang his close ally who assured him he was in full health.

Collopy phoned Dundon to tell him that he had killed a complete stranger, 'a pizza man', by which Collopy meant an innocent man.

Collopy approached officers at the murder scene in Kilteragh eight hours after the murder and informed Detective Sean Lynch what had occurred and handed over his phone.


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