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Duffy urges listeners to fork out for Fiver Friday

WHAT a difference €5 makes! RTE broadcaster Joe Duffy is urging his listeners to dig a shallow hole into their pockets and spend just €5 in their local community to give it a much needed boost.

Liveline is hoping fans will all take to 'Fiver Friday' by spending the small amount at a local business or retailer.

The new campaign comes after a listener, Mark Begg, called in to the programme to discuss his new business and revealed how hard he finds it to see small businesses struggling to stay afloat.


And he coined the new idea, which will undoubtedly inspire hundreds of thousands of Duffy's fans to give what they can to their community.

The concept is simple -- on Friday July 1, RTE is urging fans to buy lunch at a local cafe instead of making it at home, or purchase the evening's dinner at your local butcher's instead of at a supermarket chain, and for the inner romantic, surprise someone with a single rose from your local florist.

"Fiver Friday is a great and simple idea generated by the listeners for neighbour to help neighbour and to support the local community," Duffy said.

"Fiver Friday is the one reason we need to boost the local economy and community."

Many local businesses from neighbourhoods across the country have already contacted the Liveline team to express their support for Fiver Friday.

According to RTE, a plethora of local businesses, from gyms and hair salons to garages and IT companies, have pledged to offer 'Fiver Friday Specials' in the hope that enabling consumers to spend that little bit extra will help to keep local businesses afloat and keep people in their neighbourhoods working.