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Duffy slams garda chiefs for 'not doing their job' in Phoenix fights

GARDA chiefs must bear responsibility for inadequate policing of the disastrous Phoenix Park concert, claimed broadcaster Joe Duffy.

It took the deaths of two young concert-goers and nine stabbings to set alarm bells ringing that garda management is not doing enough to curb anti-social behaviour in Dublin, said the broadcaster.

Sharply criticising the garda authorities, he declared: "Senior management will have to give some indication soon that they are aware of their responsibility in this crisis."

All the victims attended the Swedish House Mafia show in the Dublin park last Saturday week where drug and alcohol abuse were widespread.

As criticism of the Irish concert continues, it emerged that three people were stabbed at the Swedish House Mafia show in England on Saturday.

The RTE star said he has long been expressing concern about unchecked anti-social behaviour on Dublin's streets. Even after the Phoenix Park concert, there was still no sign that the garda authorities were doing enough to control the problem.

"There is absolutely no evidence that the gardai are taking the situation with the degree of seriousness it has warranted for the past two years," he wrote in his Mail On Sunday column.

"If it was not so tragic it would have been laughable to hear the gardai 'condemn the anti-social behaviour'. It is not the job of our police force to condemn bad behaviour, it is their job to regulate it."


The mayhem at the concert happened a short distance from garda headquarters in Phoenix Park.

"It was not enough last Saturday to simply position two horses in the park to be petted by drunken concert-goers, when two new high-tech command and control vehicles were sitting idle a stone's throw away.

"Senior gardai can literally survey the scene of last week's carnage from their offices, but in truth this problem has been under their noses and ignored for far too long," he stated.

Duffy also lashed a statement from the promoters MCD in which the company pronounced itself '100pc satisfied' with their own security arrangements. Such a claim was "delusional to say the least," he said.