Tuesday 17 July 2018

Dubs most likely to leave door unlocked

DUBLINERS are ignoring common sense safety advice in relation to home security and are the most likely to leave their front doors unlocked.

Summer is often a time when home burglaries increase as people travel and leave their homes unoccupied.

But those living in the capital are surprisingly throwing caution to the wind and frequently leave the front door to their home unlocked, even when away on holiday.

New research has shown that almost a fifth of Dubs surveyed left their doors unlocked when they last left their house.

Around the country, one in every six people are likely to leave doors open, showing that Dubliners are way behind when it comes to home security.

Young people are the most likely to leave their doors open and alarms unarmed when they leave the house.

Elderly homeowners are the most vigilant when it comes to home safety.

Despite the higher risks associated with the holiday season, just over a third of people don't set their alarms before leaving the house.


Alarm systems have been proven to deter criminals who are less likely to target a house with a visible security system in place.

A home insurance group pleaded with homeowners yesterday to be more vigilant during a time when opportunistic thieves are on the lookout for easy targets.

The group advised holidaymakers to follow common sense guidelines such as asking neighbours to park in their empty driveways.

They said that wheelie bins are also a potential help to burglars as they can act as ladders and give them a step up to access points.

"We are encouraging people to be more vigilant when leaving the house," said Annette Ni Dhathlaoi of Liberty Insurance.

"It's important that older family members help the younger people at home to recognise the need to lock up before they leave."

Social media is also a dangerous place to advertise your absence, insurance experts are also warning.

Updating personal pages while abroad is a dangerous practice which can leave your home a target for thieves on the look-out for unoccupied properties.


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