Monday 20 November 2017

Dublin's dumbest crooks... they held up a bookies then went to nearby pub

TWO raiders who robbed a bookies and then ran to a nearby pub and ordered pints with the stolen cash have been branded Dublin dumbest criminals by witnesses.

Owen Comerford (26, pictured), of Sean O'Casey Avenue, Summerhill, was sentenced to two years in prison at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for his part in the crime.

His accomplice was an older relative who is facing separate charges.

Judge Martin Nolan heard how Comerford and his fellow raider, who was carrying an imitation firearm, were wearing balaclavas and latex gloves when they carried out the robbery on the Boylesports shop on Capel Street on January 23, 2009.

Comerford jumped over the counter and cleared out two cash registers while his accomplice waved the gun around.

The pair then left and were spotted running into The Capel bar around the corner on Little Britain Street by a witness who then rang the gardai.

Another witness told the Herald how events unfolded once the men came into the pub.

"One came in with a bag and went downstairs to the toilets, and then the other fella came in and, after the first guy came back up, they ordered two pints of Budweiser at the bar before sitting down under the window," they said.


"Then a guy came in, just dressed in jeans and normal clothes, and went over and pulled out a gun and pointed it at them. I thought one or both of them was about to get hit, or that the pub was going to be robbed. I didn't know it was an armed guard at first," the witness added.

"But then more gardai, plain-clothes and uniformed, piled in. They were on foot and with bicycles, sergeants, detectives, the whole lot," the witness said.

"It seems the first guy brought the bag of money down to the toilets and hid it in one of the ladies' cubicles, and there might have been contact with a woman who was due to come in and carry it out," they added.

"One of the guards searched the pockets of one of the guys and found some money, and when he asked where he got it from, the fella said he stole it," they explained.

"There wasn't a bother on these lads, they were very cool about the whole thing. But they must be Dublin's dumbest criminals because you would have thought they would have picked a place further from the crime scene to meet up," said the witness. Gardai recovered around €570 from the raid.

Comerford's defence counsel told the court his client grew up in an abusive family situation where he witnessed incidents of domestic violence.

The judge sentenced him to two years in prison but suspended the last 15 months.


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