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Dublin's Big Brother contestant Jade (24): "I feel like I should be back there'


Jade Martina Lynch

Jade Martina Lynch

Jade-Martina Lynch arriving to enter the house

Jade-Martina Lynch arriving to enter the house


Jade Martina Lynch

She's fresh out of the Big Brother house and now Jade Martina Lynch is having trouble adjusting to normal life.

The Dublin model (24) was evicted from the notorious reality show last Friday and has admitted she feels "institutionalised" by the experience.

The outspoken brunette, who raised eyebrows before entering the house by revealling she's polyamorous, told the Herald that she gets emotional when she watches the show.

"It becomes your home and your whole existence, you want to be back in there all the time.

"Even watching the guys on the TV I get quite upset because they're my friends and they're like my family as well," she said.

"I feel like I should be back there. You become so institutionalised in the house and that becomes your everything. When you come outside it's very much weird."


Jade ruffled quite a few feathers during her time on the popular reality show and although she misses being in the house, she won't be keeping in touch with many of her former housemates - except for the boys.

"Nick [Henderson] will do very well and in my opinion he'll win the show," she said.

"I won't [keep in contact with many of the housemates]. I'll stay in touch with Nick, Marc [O'Neill] and Brian [Belo] and that's it."

Now her stint on TV is finished, the Coolock native has her sights firmly set on making it as a catwalk model.

While she's looking forward to getting in front of the camera again, Jade insists she won't be stripping off for lads mags.

"[Modelling] is the career I always wanted and thankfully now I have some sort of platform at it," she said.

"I've a lot of things coming up and we'll see what happens with them.

"[Posing for lads mags] is not my career path and it will never be. I'm more high fashion and I want to keep my class."

Speaking at the launch of the Ladies Day for this year's Dublin Horse Show, Jade admitted she believes it was her time to leave the show.

"I know from other people telling me the first two weeks weren't good for me but I think I definitely turned myself around and have shown more of my other sides."


While she is unsure about signing up to another reality show, the Dubliner said she would love the chance to go back into the Big Brother house.

"Without a shadow of a doubt, if they called me up now I'd be gone to the airport," she said.