Tuesday 21 January 2020

Dubliners not nappy with Trump in town as baby blimp joins protest

Protestors show their anger at Donald Trump’s visit to Ireland. Photo: PA
Protestors show their anger at Donald Trump’s visit to Ireland. Photo: PA

Just as the US president touched down at Shannon Airport, a nappy-wearing Trump took to the skies above Dublin.

Thousands of demonstrators assembled in the Garden of Remembrance, including the famous inflatable Trump baby, to protest against the American leader's visit to Ireland.

Organisers received special permission from the Irish Aviation Authority to fly the snarling six-metre blimp, which had been brought over from London.

A coalition of civic society organisations and political parties led the colourful demonstrators down through O'Connell Street and College Green before returning to Parnell Square.

Many made their opposition to Donald Trump crystal clear by carrying placards bearing slogans that critiqued his most controversial policies.


One said, "F**k you and your guns". Another said "No wall, no borders" as well as "Trump is a climate denier".

Others held signs that directly displayed their objection towards his visit to Ireland, like "No greedy bully wanted here", "Impeach the eejit" and "Be a good yank and go home".

The rally, coordinated under the umbrella group Stop Trump Ireland, featured numerous speakers, including asylum seeker Lesley Mkoko from Swaziland.

"I represent Ireland Against Racism and am here today to stand against a tyrant," he said.

"It's disgraceful that the Irish Government have stood idly by and done nothing while Trump continues to cause so much harm to so many, he said.

American-Mexican Elizabeth Jaimes (37) told the Herald that many Mexican students in the capital are "repulsed" by the president's visit.

"Since his campaign, Trump has painted every Mexican as criminals who want to illegally sneak across his border to claim benefits off the government," she said.

"There are a lot of Mexican college students across Dublin who are really repulsed by his visit and how Leo Varadkar hasn't called him out on any of his racist polices," she said.

Many children also attended the demonstration with their parents, including brothers Conall (11) and Fiach O'Bryon (10) from Dublin's North Strand.

"We don't like how he is treating kids in Mexico," said Conall.

"He just doesn't seem like a very nice person and I'm really surprised that people voted for him in the first place," he said.

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