Sunday 20 January 2019

Dublin will be a better place to grow old

DUBLIN is set to become a better place to grow old in over the next five years.

The Dublin City Age Action Plan will be rolled out from next week in the hope that by 2019 Dublin will be more "age-friendly".

The project is spearheaded by Dublin City Council and Age Ireland.

Lord Mayor Christy Burke said the capital has improved recently for older people, but added: "The city is not perfect, and during the consultations we were told in no uncertain terms what needs to be improved".

The action plan was devised after speaking with people aged 55-plus over the past year.

Getting around and feeling safe are among the issues that will be addressed.

To combat safety fears, a garda with responsibility for older people will be appointed in every station across the city.

High-visibility patrols will also be introduced in areas where there are more old people.

The HSE and the Age-friendly City Alliance will sit down to discuss how GP care can work better for older Dubliners.

A 'tool kit' will be developed to help doctors ensure that the needs of their elderly patients are met.

Housing concerns were also raised by older people who took part in the consultation. They said there is a lack of sheltered accommodation for those who cannot afford private nursing homes.

Dublin City Council's housing department has pledged to work with private and public developers to ensure older people have housing options that will allow them to stay at home.


Older people often want to continue their education and training, and two of Dublin's biggest colleges will work to help them.

Dublin is the first city in the world to take such an approach to becoming more age-friendly to older citizens.

Businesses across the capital are on board and will aim to show more age-friendly advertisements and do what they can to ensure that older people feel at home.


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