Wednesday 13 December 2017

Dublin teens who pulled unconscious woman from train tracks hailed heroes


Heroes (from left) Kate, Luke and Jennifer
Heroes (from left) Kate, Luke and Jennifer

These three brave Dublin teens jumped on to DART tracks in an incredible rescue to save a woman who had stumbled off the platform.

Jennifer Cunningham, Luke Foley and Katie McCabe have been hailed as heroes for their daring rescue of the woman, who was lying motionless on the tracks just minutes before a train arrived at the station.

Katie (17) told the Herald that she and her friends were at Bayside DART station when a man told them there was someone on the tracks.

It then became clear that the woman had suffered an epileptic fit, lost consciousness and fell on to the track.


"We just ran up. We saw her on the tracks and the train was only one minute away," she said. "So we jumped on to the tracks and got her."

The youngsters managed to lift the woman up on to the platform and call the emergency services, with just one minute until the next train.

"We put her on her side, and then we put her against a wall to see if she was ok," Katie said.

"We waited until she got out of her seizure. We were worried because we didn't want to see her dead or anything."

It later emerged that the oncoming train was not due to stop at the station at that time.

The driver later told gardai that, as visibility had been poor, he probably would not have been able to stop in time.

While the heroic feat sparked admiration from emergency services, the teens from Coolock and Baldoyle couldn't imagine doing anything differently.

"You don't think at the time," said Luke (16). "You just do it."

However, it was far from a hero's welcome for Katie when she returned home.

Her father Brian (53) grounded her immediately when he discovered his daughter had been out that evening.

It was only when gardai visited the house to congratulate his daughter that he found out what happened.

"The police arrived and asked for Katie," Brian said. "The lady had given her a €20 voucher."

The teens were yesterday among dozens rewarded by Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett at the 2015 National Bravery Awards.

Dubliner Paul Lynam-Loane (27) was also presented with a bronze medal for saving sleeping residents from a burning building on the North Circular Road.

Roisin Halligan, the young girl who saved her cousins from a petrol bomb attack on their home in Waterford last year, was also presented with a bronze medal.

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