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Dublin teen sharing cell with journalists

IMPRISONED Dublin teen Ibrahim Halawa is sharing a cell with three Al Jazeera journalists whose detention almost a year ago caused international outrage, his sister Somaia has revealed.

Journalists Peter Greste, Mohammed Fahmy and Baher Mohammed are sharing a cell with the Dublin teen in the notorious Tora prison in Cairo alongside another prisoner.

The Al Jazeera employees were detained on charges relating to the promotion of terrorism and spreading false news in Egypt.

The trio received sentences of between seven and ten years but are scheduled for an appeal on January 1 2015.

Somaia revealed that her brother is both heartened and distressed by the possibility that the journalists will be released.

"He is getting on very well with them - especially Peter because they are both from other places," Somaia told the Herald.

"It is a relief for him and for the family that he is alongside other political prisoners and not criminals."

The Dubliner was subject to a violent attack earlier this year when the guards discovered he was Irish and not Egyptian.

After details of the brutal assault at the hands of the guards were revealed he was moved to a different part of the prison.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim has been scheduled for a second trial date on December 1.