Sunday 19 January 2020

Dublin is seventh dearest city in world for dating

Dublin is one of the most expensive places on the planet to date, a new study has shown.

The research found that the capital is the seventh most expensive city for rom-ance out of 58 cities around the world.

Dating in Dublin was cheaper than Washington and Paris but more expensive than London.

For the ultimate cheap date, couples should head to Sucre in Bolivia, which came out as the least expensive city while Luxembourg was the dearest.

The newly-released Global Dating Costs Report exam- ined the cost of the most popular dating activities including a restaurant meal, meeting for a coffee, grabb-ing a drink and going to the cinema.


The researchers compiled the average cheapest cost of a hotel room, the price of a mid-range three-course meal, the average price for a cup of coffee, a cinema ticket and a cab fare.

A typical three-course meal for two people in Sucre at just over €8 is only one seventh of the cost of the average restaurant bill in Dublin at €59.

While the average coffee costs more than €3 in Dublin, it is only a fraction of the cost in Algiers at 88 cents.

A hotel room in New Delhi in India would cost a couple less than €6, while it is €56 in Dublin.

At the other end of the scale, a romantic meal for two in Luxembourg city will set you back €68.52, while a hotel room will cost €79.15.

On the upside, a bottle of wine will cost only €7.83 and a takeaway pizza is an affordable option at €8.90.

The report, by taxitoairport.com, revealed that the cheapest city to flag down a taxi to take you to and from your date is Tunis in Tunisia, where the average starting price for a cab is only 15c.

This is vastly cheaper than the most expensive - Copenhagen has an average starting price of €5.70.

The top 10 most expensive cities are:

1. Luxembourg

2. Amsterdam

3. Copenhagen

4. Washington DC

5. Paris

6. Stockholm

7. Dublin

8. London

9. Canberra

10. Tokyo

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