Wednesday 20 February 2019

'Dublin has always been racist' - wife of ear-bite attack victim

Milan and Joanna’s story was featured on RTE2 show Trauma
Milan and Joanna’s story was featured on RTE2 show Trauma
Milan Hosek shows off the injury he suffered in the attack

A young father has told how he had part of his ear bitten off during a horrifying attack by thugs who shouted racist slurs at him.

Milan Hosek was assaulted just 20 days after his wife Joanna was beaten up in a daylight attack outside their house while she was with their young child.

Joanna was assaulted on June 24 and Milan was hospitalised less than three weeks later following the incident in Dublin city centre. She has said the capital "has always been racist" in her opinion.

Their story was featured in the first episode of RTE2's new four-part documentary series Trauma, which follows the work of our medical emergency personnel.

Milan, who moved here from the Czech Republic in 2003, said: "They started saying insults like, 'f**king foreigners in our country', stuff like that.

"One of the guys turned to the other and said, 'Bite him, bite his ear off.' It makes no sense."

He said that it happened just weeks after his wife was also targeted.

"She asked them to move and they started being lewd and aggressive," said Milan, who owns a bike shop.

"When she was coming back she got smashed against the wall and beaten up with their fists, she was able to protect the baby but not herself."

Joanna said that she was understandably shaken after the incident and feels that racism is rife in Dublin.

"Living in Dublin there has always been racism. I was really afraid, I don't want to even go out with my kids, I haven't been going to the playground," said the mum-of-three.

"I have been really scared. This happened during the day, not at night, I was really frightened.

"After only a short time, he [Milan] was attacked also.


"I thought it would be impossible to bite off a human ear. When you think about it, who could even do that? It's disgusting," she added.

Both of Milan's attackers fled on foot after he claims they told him that they know where he lives.

He managed to recover the severed part of his ear and underwent surgery in the Mater Hospital to have it reattached.

Dr Sinead McArdle, consultant in emergency medicine at the Mater, said: "To remove a part of someone's body and the force required to take the whole pin of an ear would be unusual."

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