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Dublin Fire Brigade's €8k party drinks bill


Dublin Fire Brigade

Dublin Fire Brigade

Dublin Fire Brigade

THE drinks bill for the celebrations marking Dublin Fire Brigade's 150th anniversary came to more than €8,200.

Drinks including alcohol and minerals were the single biggest items of expenditure listed under "beverages" in Dublin City Council's food and drink spending over the past five years.

The brigade's anniversary came in 2012.

Council officials did not specify if the tab was run up in one night or over a number of events, in response to questions from the Herald.

The authority spent €19,500 on drinks from 2010 to 2014. It also paid €17,600 for meals for staff in the same period.


Almost €9,200 was spent on the council's fleet section.

All council drivers with a class C licence and above must undergo a one-day certificate of professional competency training each year.

Training is carried out in the Motor Tax Office in Smithfield, and a lunch is provided in a local hotel, a council spokesman said.

In 2013, €896.93 was listed in the "restaurant service charge/gratuity" category section.

The spokesman said this "should not have been charged to this heading".