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Dublin commuters face 10pc jump in cost of bus journey


Bus fares will generally rise

Bus fares will generally rise

Bus fares will generally rise

Dublin's hard-pressed commuters will see bus fares rise by up to 10pc today.

The changes, which were announced by the National Transport Authority (NTA) in October, will see the Leap Card fare of €2.15 rise to €2.25.

Only last year, the fare rose from €2.05.

However, those passengers who currently pay €2.60 for their Leap Card journey on Dublin Bus will see fares drop by 10c, while the stages 8-13 cash fare will increase from €2.85 to €3.


The changes are part of the NTA's long-term plans for its BusConnects project.

NTA chief Anne Graham said the changes this year are to be implemented with a view to making further adjustments in the coming years.

The NTA said fare revenue, which currently stands at around €500m, is expected to increase by €1m next year.

For the Luas, there will now no longer be a peak and off-peak ticket - prices will remain the same throughout the day.

In its report, the NTA said that "a decision on the cost of the 90-minute fare is likely to be finalised in 2019 and in the determination next year, these two fares will merge further towards one fare".

The NTA said 30pc of Leap Card users will see the cost of fares fall as part of the changes implemented.

"Part of the BusConnects plan is to revamp the fare system to provide a simpler fare structure, allowing seamless movement between different transport services without a financial penalty," said Ms Graham.

"To deliver on this part of the programme, a revised fare structure is required for public transport in the city which will support seamless movement between different public transport services and modes without a financial penalty.

"Ultimately, there will be a two-fare system comprising a short-distance fare and a 90- minute fare on any combination of PSO public trans- port services within the Dublin area.

"To achieve a balanced transition to this two-fare structure, it is necessary to adjust a number of fares for Dublin Bus, Irish Rail, Go-Ahead Dublin and Luas this year.

"This will enable a move towards this simpler fare structure over the coming years."