Friday 15 December 2017

Dublin City Council 'should step up to the table' to help Longboat Quay residents - Tánaiste

Longboat Quay Apartments near Dublin's Grand Canal Dock.
Longboat Quay Apartments near the Grand Canal Dock.
Longboat Quay Apartments near Dublin's Grand Canal Dock

Dublin City Council should 'step up to the table' and work with the fire authorities to resolve the safety defects facing the families living at Longboat Quay, according to Tánaiste Joan Burton.

The Labour Party leader today said the 600 residents invested their 'hopes and dreams' in properties at the city complex which have now been discovered to be fire hazards.

Speaking during ‘Leaders’ Questions’ today, Ms Burton piled the pressure on city chiefs to work with Dublin Fire Brigade to find a solution.

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“Those families have invested their hopes and their dreams and it has found to be a fire hazard by Dublin Fire Brigade,” Ms Burton told the Dáil.

“I think what’s necessary is that Dublin City will actually step up to the table and actually work with the fire authority to address the issues which are very, very serious,” she added.

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Sinn Féin’s Social Protection spokesperson Aengus O Snodaigh described the families as “innocent victims of reckless and unscrupulous property developers”.

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He alleged that the developer of the complex, Bernard McNamara, 'slithered off to England' in order to escape bankruptcy here. But Mr McNamara is now back in business and in the process of building on a property on behalf of businessman Denis O’Brien, the Sinn Féin deputy alleged.

“There’s your golden circle once again,” Mr O Snodaigh added.

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Bur Ms Burton said she believes an element of 'goodwill' shown by the council will ensure a solution can be found.

She rejected proposals for legislation in this area because she said that would take a significant period of time.

“I think deputy they should move to take action as a responsible city authority, working with the fire brigade services, with everyone who lives in this city admires so much to actually solve this problem,” the Tánaiste added.

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