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DUBLIN City Council is short €5m in order to adequately deal with the city's homeless crisis, according to Lord Mayor Christy Burke.

DUBLIN City Council is short €5m in order to adequately deal with the city's homeless crisis, according to Lord Mayor Christy Burke.

His comments came after a homeless man was found dead on the street in Hazlehatch, Newcastle in South County Dublin.

The 49-year-old was one of nine people sleeping rough in the area and was believed to be clean after overcoming a drug addiction problem.

Gardai said that his body was discovered on Tuesday and that they are not treating the death as suspicious but they were not in a position to name him.

More than 125 people are believed to be homeless in the city and county as Dublin's housing crisis reaches a watershed.

Lord Mayor Christy Burke said that the issue is one that does not sit well with him and he yesterday met with the Taoiseach in an attempt to secure extra funding to deal with the crisis.

"In its estimates for next Monday's council meeting, the City Council is €5m short in the homeless budget," said Mr Burke.

"We are waiting for the Department of the Environment to supply us with that funding and they are humming and hawing about providing it. I have asked the Taoiseach to encourage Minister Alan Kelly to provide us with that funding," he added

David Carroll, a director at homeless organisation Depaul believes the issue needs to be tackled immediately.

"Renewed efforts are required in order to prevent people from sleeping rough," he said.

Dublin City Council has confirmed that they are to advertise expressions of interest in the construction of 1,500 houses at five separate sites.

The homes are to be made available for a mixture of social and private housing but Mr Carroll said more work is needed.

"There is currently around 90,000 people on the National social housing waiting list, with the latest figures showing 2,478 people living in emergency accommodation and approx 143 families, including 299 children, in hotel accommodation in Dublin alone," he said.

"While we welcome the provision of a further 1,500 homes, there is a need for a national strategy to how housing is funded as it is evident that further housing is crucial to addressing the homelessness issue," he added.

In total, there are 1,551 people in emergency accommodation in Dublin and the Lord Mayor said that the issue needs to be addressed.

"It is gone beyond the point of reason," said Mr Burke.

A woman with four kids, another woman with three kids and another woman with two have been ringing homeless services for the past two weeks because we have no bed and breakfasts to take them. That's how bad it is," he added.