Tuesday 19 November 2019

Dublin Airport to trial facial recognition

Passengers will not need to provide documents at gate. Photo: Janina Laszlo
Passengers will not need to provide documents at gate. Photo: Janina Laszlo

Facial recognition for document-free boarding is set to be trialled at Dublin Airport next month.

The DAA, along with a number of other airports, has opted to test the system that uses biometrics to speed up getting through your departure and arrival at the airport.

It means a single sign-up identification process will streamline outbound and return journeys.


Once those details are logged, the passenger will no longer need to provide documents at the gate.

Instead, using the facial- recognition technology, the customer's image will be cross-referenced with the boarding card information at the boarding gate.

The partnership in the trial will be between Dublin Airport and Bristol Airport and will include one airline.

The company involved is understood to be Ryanair but there has been no confirmation of this.

Yesterday the DAA's Frances O'Brien said the next step following this would be to bring in the new technology for passengers travelling to the United States.

"We are really pleased to be an early adopter of this new technology, designed to further enhance the experience for both our passengers and our airline customers at Dublin Airport," Ms O'Brien said. The technology was developed by the American company Collins Aerospace.

Christopher Forrest, of Collins Aerospace, said the technology would make the boarding process much more efficient from now on.


"For example, it takes less than one second to capture and process a passenger's facial image and eliminates the need to repeatedly present travel documents," he said.

"We see this as another major leap forward for our biometric technology to play a key role in making the connected aviation ecosystem a reality."

Last year around 31.5 million passengers passed through Dublin Airport.

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