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Dublin accent had Mad Men's Jessica Pare baffled in new Irish film Standby


Brian Gleeson and Jessica Pare

Brian Gleeson and Jessica Pare

Brian Gleeson and Jessica Pare

MAD MEN actress Jessica Pare was bamboozled by the Dublin accent during filming of the romantic comedy Standby, co-star Brian Gleeson said.

In the film, Gleeson's character tries to rekindle an old summer romance with a beautiful American when she turns up unexpectedly at the airport where he works on the tourism desk.

His hapless character, Alan, convinces her to stay for one night so they can spend time together.

Gleeson said he "got on very well" with the Hollywood beauty, and added that they still keep in touch via email.

"We went out in Dublin a couple of times, but I'm not sure if I took her for a kebab," he joked.

Pare's character in the film makes fun of Dublin and jokes that she has seen three people being sick.

Off-screen, she came up against some cultural difficulties.

"It was her first time here and she said she couldn't understand a word anyone was saying," said Gleeson.

"Standby is not 'Irish' or anything like that. There's a lightness of touch with the whole thing and I think that comes across with how it portrays Dublin.

"It's one of those films where Dublin looks great, but we're poking a bit of fun of it. This could travel well, fingers crossed," he added.

Gleeson, who had a brief role in the first season of Love/Hate, will take to the stage of the Olympia with his father Brendan and older brother Domhnall in The Walworth Farce in January.

Standby opens in cinemas across the country today, which also happens to be Gleeson's 27th birthday.